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Traction Digital Education

 It's called Traction Academy and organizes training programs on Digital for entrepreneurs, small and large companies with a totally innovative technique: we teach what we did yesterday. Thanks to the combination of  Traction Academy and Traction Management, our experts enter in classroom to convey to the participants the strategies, techniques and performance of the work done for our customers the day before.
- Pier Francesco Geraci
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01. Programma

Digital Marketing 360°

Digital Marketing courses offered in different formats and held by industry professionals who will help you to develop your digital skills.

Programma 02. 

The Art of the Start

Courses entirely dedicated to those who want to innovate.
The main focus is on how to create a project or a startup and is addressed to entrepreneurs of the future.
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Web design

Courses focused on Web Design applied to marketing held by industry professionals that will help you to improve your skills in the field of graphics and design User Experience.