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Our experts are able to perform all the online marketing activities necessary for your company.
For us, any marketing activity must be attributable to one of these three areas of intervention and types of services: Acquisition, Conversion and Retention. These are the services we offer.
- Pier Francesco Geraci

01. Acquisition

One of the key points of digital marketing is acquisition. Acquiring leads at the most convenient price by setting, for example, Google campaigns or Facebook is the first step to give a boost to your customers' customer journey.
Converting leads to customers is one of the most important steps in an online marketing campaign.
For this reason it is essential to design an effective Lead conversion protocol based, for example, on techniques of Nurturing, instant & late conversion and retargeting.

02. Conversion

03. Retention

The next step is to ensure that customers remain active and satisfied so that their loyalty increases and lasts during their lifecycle. For this reason we develop Loyalty and Gamification systems in order to increase engagement, therefore the average expense of the customer and his number of purchases.
Any marketing activity must be based on a deep analysis of the data related to customer behaviors to then generate activities aimed at increasing the performance of campaigns, reporting systems and analysis efficiency.

04. Business Intelligence

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